Prenatal Care

I offer individualized care during in-home visits throughout a mother’s pregnancy, in which mothers and their families are supported and learn about the changes pregnancy creates. My goal is to help mothers create a healthy pregnancy that provides the best opportunity for a healthy birth.

Prenatal visits are typically an hour long, during which we talk about nutrition, discuss how the mother is feeling, assess vital signs of the mother, listen to the baby, offer information regarding screening and testing options, give feedback about the baby's position and share information about holistic modalities that can support a mother on her journey.

During our visits, we discuss:

  • the natural changes that occur in a woman's body during pregnancy
  • the growth and development of babies
  • the special nutritional needs of pregnant mothers
  • the importance of exercise
  • the options for relieving common discomforts during pregnancy
  • the resources available to families when questions arise

I believe prenatal care is a way of "paying it forward." Supporting a mother prenatally is one of my most important responsibilities as a midwife.

Labor and Birth Care

I believe in helping families create the birthing experience they desire. Prenatally, we discuss the plans you have for your birth, including who you want to include in your birthing experience. I understand families will have their own personal priorities for their birthing experience, and I do my best to honor those desires.

Sometimes birthing couples choose to labor quietly and mostly alone; sometimes, the whole family is in attendance ~ children, grandmothers, friends, and the family pets. There is no best way, only your way. When your birthing day comes, I ask that you call me when you think, maybe, sort of, you might be in early labor! You cannot call too often or too soon. This allows me to be ready myself, so when it is time to come to you, I can leave immediately. Once I arrive at your home when you are in labor, I will be with you until you have your baby.

During your labor and birth, we:

  • Work to help the birthing couple create the experience they desire
  • Provide labor support to mother, as desired
  • Share information regarding the mother and baby’s overall well-being
  • Answer any questions the birthing couple may have

At the moment of birth, couples often help to bring the baby up onto the momma's chest. This can be a quiet moment of awe and welcoming. This can be a joyous moment of laughter and relief. We hold your space, giving you the time to welcome your baby into this world as your baby pinks up, takes a breath, and looks toward your face when you speak.

It is quite an amazing moment.


The postpartum period is called the 4th trimester. It is a time of renewal and healing, a time of becoming a momma for this baby. For the past 9 months, a mother's body has been hard at work growing her baby, after which comes the work of labor and birth. In our culture, the postpartum time is not thought of as important as the previous 9 months. However, I can assure you that it is. If you take the first couple of weeks, do 3 things ~ rest, eat and drink, and tend only to your new baby, you will be giving yourself the very best opportunity for optimal postpartum health and giving your baby the very best opportunity for breastfeeding success.

Immediate postpartum care is given during the hours following the birth. We typically stay with the family 3 hours after the birth, but stay longer when needed.

During this time, we:

  • Care for the mother and the new baby as they transition after the birth
  • Support mothers as they begin breastfeeding, as needed
  • Provide assessments regarding the mother’s and baby’s overall well-being
  • Perform the newborn exam, including APGARs, weight, length, etc.
  • Share information and resources with mothers and their families regarding any questions they may have

Ongoing postpartum care is given to families during the weeks after birth. I provide in-home visits between 24–48 hours, at the end of the 1st and 2nd weeks, and 6-8 weeks postpartum. These visits typically last 1-1 1/2 hours. I visit more frequently when needed.

During ongoing postpartum visits, we :

  • Support mothers and their families as they create a healthy postpartum period
  • Provide assessments regarding the mother’s and baby’s overall well-being
  • Help mothers with breastfeeding challenges, as needed
  • Share information and resources with mothers and their families regarding any questions they may have
  • Provide a referral for the state's hearing screen, perform the newborn metabolic screen, and submit the birth certificate application

I believe mothers should focus only on themselves and their new babies for the first 2 weeks. These precious couple of weeks after the birth allow for the mother’s breast milk to become well established, for the mother to become accustomed to the frequency of feeding her baby, which impacts her nightly sleep, and to understand the importance of getting the nutrition and daytime rest she needs for the very best start for her baby and continued healing for herself.


For families with insurance coverage for out-of-hospital births and for licensed CPMs, we are covered as out-of-network providers. For families without insurance or a healthcare-sharing plan, we offer a sliding fee scale based on family income.